We are Teidees!

We always explain that Teidees means «I give you ideas.»

One day someone commented that we had a lot of ideas…and we decided to take them forward.

From our experience in the audiovisual sector (directing, scriptwriting and producing) and from the passion we felt for creative work and the world of animation, we created a company which, for over 10 years now, has directed talented and hardworking teams.

Our teams not only boast artistic and technical talent, but do that with a human touch, plus we are also constantly keeping our eyes out for young talent.

Our strong suit is the development of ideas and projects. We are teidistes: idea generators.

What do we do

Whatever it is we can think up: animation, film, scripts, documentaries, festivals, and short videos. Over the years, and with determination and much satisfaction, have learned to produce what we invent. We like what we do.







Teidees people

Adrià Mengual / Aitor Herrero / Aida Berenguer / Alba Galván / Alicia Gener / Ana Maio / Ana Rodríguez León / Anna Rovira / Antonio Socias / Antonio Vivancos / Axel Hidalgo / Bea Estevez / Berta Novell / Brenda Moreno / Carlos Perez / Carlos Ribera / Carmelo de Rich / Catherine Dahua Cisneros / Clara Cortés / Clàudia Prats / Clàudia de Puig / Chiara Magnani Fernandez / Christian Rey / Elena Hernandez / Gemma Sanz / Gemma Gassó / Georgina Sirvent / Georgina Llaurador / Gonzalo Hurtado / Guillem Miró / Helena Fortuny / Ita Roberts / Jan Villar / Jessi Esteve / Jesús Cruz / Jhon Maycor Javier / Jordi Oriol Canals / Jordi Ventura / Juan Carrillo / Julia Alonso-Collado / Júlia Torres Ubach / Laura Falceto / Laura Grivet / Manolo Ballesteros / Manuel Clavero / Marc Parrot / Marina Samper / Marta Alonso / Marta Sánchez / Martí Fugber / Martina Katherine / Mikel Sanchez Seisdedos / Mireia Serra / Montse Sanz / Nadia Scholz / Neus Brasó / Neus Boades / Neus Marí Aymamí / Nil Ferrandiz / Núria Piqué Sala / Oriol Parreño / Pau Ros / Pedro Muñoz / Pepe Òdena / Pol Parreño / Rosa Ballester / Sarah Davison / Sílvia Cortés / Sisco Peret / Stela Ivanova / Tomeu Penya / Xavi Brunet / Xavi Cuadrado / Xavi Carmona / Xavier Manuel Ruiz / Xavier Pujolar / Xavier Vidal